Compatible Trios for Winds - Trombone or Euphonium or Bassooon Trios by Clark Fischer WF132

Product Description
This collection contains 21 trios in a variety of styles from classical to folk, and includes some new original works as well. Each piece is playable by any combination of three wind instruments. Trios are a great way to learn how to play in a chamber music setting, and this unique collection gives players the opportunity to do it with anyone else that playsa wind instrument, making for an almost limitless combination of instru ments. Compatible Trios for Winds is especially useful in a school setting where students are eager to play music with friends. The flexibility of these trios makes them a must-have for any wind player. Includes tunes such as ŒñThe Irish Washerwoman,Œî BrahmsŒÍ ŒñHungarian Dance No. 5,Œî Larry ClarkŒÍs original ŒñHarvest Moon,Œî and more.

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