Learning the Tenor Clef - Cello by Legg 0571519172

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Learning the Tenor Clef - Cello Solo Book, by Pat Legg and Alan Gout

Progressive studies and pieces for cellists

Study in C - Legg
Ave Maria - Schubert
Study in Aminor - Legg
Song of the Birds - Trad
Study in G - Legg
Largo - Handel
Study in Eminor - Legg
Adagio - Corelli
Study in F - Legg
Air from County Derry - Trad
Study in Dminor - Legg
Aria - Durante
Study in D - Legg
Chanson de Matin - Elgar
Study in Bminor - Legg
Kalinka - Trad
Study in Bb - Legg
In the Twilight - Offenbach
Study in Gminor - Legg
Chanson Triste (Opus 40/2) - Tchaikovsky
Study in A - Legg
Strutting over the Strings - Gout
Study in F#minor - Legg
Pavane - Faure
Study in Eb - Legg
Sicilienne - von Paradis
Study in Cminor - Legg
Tango - Seiber

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