Piano Sonatas, Volume I - Piano by Mozart Henle HN001

Product Description
A highly authoritative Urtext edition of Mozart's Piano Sonatas, with thoroughly detailed editorial markings and suggestions, as edited by Ernst Herttrich and fingered by Hans-Martin Theopold. This is the first volume of Mozart's Piano Sonatas, and includes sonatas from Nos.1-9, all giving the most accurate realisation of the composer's original intentions.

Sonata C major K. 279 (189d)
Sonata F major K. 280 (189e)
Sonata B flat major K. 281 (189f)
Sonata E flat major K. 282 (189g)
Sonata G major K. 283 (189h)
Sonata D major K. 284 (205b)
Sonata C major K. 309 (284b)
Sonata a minor K. 310 (300d)
Sonata D major K. 311 (284c)

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