Baroque Violinist - Violin/Piano Accompaniment by Nelson Boosey & Hawkes M060102028

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Baroque Violinist - Violin/Piano Accompaniment by Sheila Nelson A superb collection of intermediate pieces for violin and keyboard. Specially chosen by distinguished string teacher Sheila Nelson. Each piece features a particular aspect of baroquq technique and includes sound advice from 18th century writers, making this a wonderful introduction to all aspects of baroque technique and style. Unaccompanied pieces and duets also included. Presto (Sonata for Flue Op1/9) - Handel Allemande (La Royalle) - Hotteterre Gavotte (La Meudon) - Hotteterre Largo (Winter from the Four Season) - Vivaldi Preludio & Allemanda (Sonata in Emin Op5/8) - Corelli Giga (found in Prelleur's Modern Music Master 1731) - Mascitti Siciliana & Allegro (Sonata in Amin Op4/1) - Stanley Slow Movement (Canonic Sonata #4) - Telemann Allegro (Sonata in Bmin) - Bach Rondo for 2 Violins - Locatelli Siciliana - Vodicka Sarabande & Allegro (Sonata in Dmaj Op1/10) - Leclair Giga (Sonata Accademica in Emin Op2/8) - Veracini Aria with Five Variations (Sonata in Dmin Op1/1) - Gibbs Largo & Allegro (Sonata in Gmin) - Purcell Bouree #1 (Cello Suite #4) - Bach arranged by Nelson

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