Songs of Claude Debussy - Volume I High Voice - The Vocal Library - Claude Debussy - Classical Vocal High Voice James R. Briscoe Hal Leonard

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A major new critical edition of important standard repertory with 61 songs in 2 volumes. All songs are presented only in the original key, with no transpositions. All the song cycles and groupings appear in one of the two volumes. Years in preparation, this edition is based on the most reliable sources available in the world, with most of the research centered at the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. Each song is presented with aline-by-line translation and full critical notes citing the research as it applies to specifics in the songs. Also includes a glossary of Frenc h terms. Contents: Nuit d'í©toiles Œ‡ Fleur des blí©s Œ‡ Zí©phyr Œ‡ Aimons-nous et dormons Œ‡ Jane Œ‡ Pierrot Œ‡ Rondeau Œ‡ Fí_te galante Œ‡ Beau soir Œ‡ Fí_tes galantes pour Madame Vasnier (Pantomime; En sourdine; Mandoline; Clair de lune; Fantoches) Œ‡ Apparition Œ‡ Rí©cti et Air de Lia Œ‡ Ariettes oublií©es (C'est l'extase langoureuse; Il pleure dans mon coeur; L'ombre desarbres; Chevaus de bois; Green; Spleen) Œ‡ Cinq poíÂmes de Charles Baudel aire (Le balcon; Harmonie du soir; Le jet d'eau; Recueillement; La mort des amants) Œ‡ Trois mí©lodies (La beele au bois dormant; Voici que le printemps; Paysage sentimental).

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