Suzuki Cello School Cello Part & CD, Volume 1 (Revised) - Dr. Shinichi Suzuki - Cello Summy Birchard /CD

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\032Suzuki Talent Education or Suzuki Method combines a music teaching method with a philosophy that embraces the total development of the child. Dr Suzuki's guiding principle was "Character First, Ability Second' and his goal was to embrace the whole child, nurturing a love of music and the development of a fine character rather than just the mastering of a musical instrument. Another important aspect of the Suzuki method is the unique order of the repertoire. Each carefully chosen piece becomes a building block for future learning. Technique, musicianship and style are developed through the study and repetition of these pieces\032 Today the Suzuki Method remains one of the most respected teaching Methods in the woWV 116 (J.S. Bach). This title is available in SmartMusic. The Book/CD k day of his birth and learns to play it himself, he develops sensitivity, discipline and endurance. He gets a beautiful heart.\032 \032\032Shinichi Suzuki

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