AMEB Series 9 Grade 1 - Violin/Piano 1202728139

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AMEB Violin Series 9 Grade 1 - Exam Pieces with Piano Accompaniment


List A
   Cohen - Make your mind up, please!
   Colledge & Colledge - Carefree
   Nelson - The Busy Body
   Telemann - Minuet arranged by Nelson
List B
   Brahms - Sandmannchen arranged by Rigney
   Chamberlain - Wild Honey
   Handel - Minuet arranged by Chin
   Holst - Jupiter from the Planets arranged by Chin
List C
   Bartok - Allegro and Kergetozes arranged by Chin
   Efraemson - The Raggle Taggle Hippie
   Obijalska & Wawruk - Ajajaj!!! Nie lubie zastrzykow
   Vivaldi - Allegro arranged by Chin

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