Chopin - Famous Transcription Volume 1 - Violin/Piano Accompaniment PWM PWM10322

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Chopin Famous Transcriptions Volume 1 - Violin and Piano Accompaniment, edited by Cofalik

Through the collection Famous Transcriptions we wish to recall the most interesting and creative arrangements of Chopin's music made over the last 150 years. In restoring transcriptions of studies, mazurkas, waltzes or preludes to the repertory we will also sho how important a source of inspiration was the music of Chopin, a great Romantic, inspiring artist and a composer of genius.

Titles included: Prelude in Eminor Opus 28/4 - transcribed by Adolfson
Study in Fminor Opus 25/2 - transcribed by Burmester
Nocturne in Bbminor Opus 9/1 - transcribed by Lipinski
Nocturne in EbMajor Opus 9/2 - transcribed by Sarasate
Polonaise in C#minor Opus 26/1 - transcribed by Lipinski
Waltz in Aminor Opus 34/2 - transcribed by Sarasate
Mazurka in Aminor Opus 67/4 - transcribed by Cofalik

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