18 Advanced Etudes - Charles Neidich 21st Century Series for Clarinet With 2 CDs - Paul Jeanjean - Clarinet Lauren Keiser Music Publishing Clarinet Solo /CD

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Paul Jeanjean was the principal clarinetist of the Garde Républicaine Band and later of the MonteCarlo opera and was, obviously, a musician of the greatest sensitivity. His etudes are hightly developed concertworks that can make for very impressive additions to recital programs.< br>
Jeanjean provided wonderfully detailed directions for his etudes.Charles Neidich has, by and large, left what he has written and have on ly brought Jeanjean's notation more into accord with modern conventions;e.g. that accidentals within a measure generally do not transpose octav es. This edition's notes at the bottom of each page explain the various modern chords and scales (augmented chords, 9th chords, whole tone scales for instance) he used in each of his etudes. These, unfortunately, were eliminated in the previous English version.

The noteworthy feature of this edition is the recording of Charles Neidich's performance ofthe etudes. Rather than clutter Jeanjean's already expressively notated scores with still more markings, the recording offers, as a window into the modern, yet romantic style of the etudes and as models of the kind of performance to which the student should aspire.

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